Selasa, Desember 13, 2011

New Kids on the Block - If You Go Away

Diposting oleh Dina Oktariani di 13.53
Share video ini gara2 baca novel aliaZalea yang crash into you... Jadi ngebayangin waktu kafka nyanyi lagu ini buat Nadia :)

Girl, I just can't live without you
I know I hurt you
That's the last thing I meant to do
Sometimes I can be careless and blind
Can you forgive the fool that I've been?

You know I love you
You're the one thing I have that's true
My life used to be nothing to me
I never want to feel that again

[Chorus: ]
If you go away girl
You're taking my heart with you
If you go away girl
You'll be breaking my heart in two
If you only stay girl
I promise you the world
So please don't ever go away

You know I need you
I'm so sorry that I made you cry
You are everything good in my life
Your tears have finally opened my eyes

[Chorus ]
I was so wrong to ever look at another baby
Even the strongest man can stumble and fall
And I'll do anything for you
Anything to be in your arms again
Baby don't let this be the end

[Chorus ]
Girl, I just can't live without you

Never, ever leave me girl
You promised your love to me forever
Say you'll never leave me girl [repeat and fade]

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